This research is about blood pressure patterns during interactions between parents and their children. An example of an interaction would be playing together or helping your child with homework. We are studying this group because the parent-child relationship is a very important one. It also gives us an opportunity to measure children’s blood pressure during interactions with their parents.

This research does not involve a health check-up. If you think you need your blood pressure checked, you should make an appointment with your local GP.

What the study involves:

The study involves 3 sections

1. Telephone or face-to-face checklist

2. Laboratory session with your child

3. Take-home questionnaire

1. A checklist of demographic and health information, such as age, child age, health status, and so on. This is completed over the phone or during a brief interview with the researcher on campus

2. Parents and children come to the psychology lab at NUIG. We will connect you both with blood pressure monitoring devices. Your blood pressure will be monitored for about half an hour together. During this time, you and your child will have some games to play, for example, a jigsaw puzzle.

These interactions are videotaped. They are taped to analyze aspects of the lab session that might be important to the research. For example, we might want to measure how many jigsaw pieces a child completes. These tapes are kept anonymous and viewed only by the researcher and an assistant.

3. The take-home questionnaire includes standard questions measuring personality, social relationships, and your child’s everyday behaviour. Most responses involving ticking a box and this will take some time to complete. No part of the questionnaire is used to diagnose problems. If there is something in the responses that might be important for you to know, we will talk to you.

What we will do with the data:

All data is anonymous and completely confidential. No identifying information will be used in any publications. The information collected from all parents and children is pooled together. The findings will be published in scientific journals.

According to ethical guidelines concerning research at NUI Galway, we are obliged to keep all information for 5 years after the study has been completed. This data will remain anonymous.

You are free to withdraw from this study at any time, including during the laboratory session. For example, if you are uncomfortable with blood pressure monitoring, or if your child is not enjoying the participation, you may of course choose to stop participating.

We will remain very grateful for your time.


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